18 Nov, Linköping, (SWE), with Doomriders (US), Coliseum (US)
19 Jan, Linköping, (SWE), with My Turn (GER), Denied (GR)
20 Mar, At Stumpf in Hannover (GER)
21 Mar, At Hafermarkt in Flensburg (GER)
22 Mar, At BumZen in Copenhagen (DK) with Nether (DK)
7 Nov, At Lorient in Linköping, (SWE) with Areat Summit (SWE), Nekrokraft (SWE), Insect (SWE), MESS//AGE (GER)
12 Mar, At The-Crypt in Linköping (SWE) Releasefest for “Raptors Breath” with Throne of Heresy (SWE), Miasmal (SWE), Nekrokraft (SWE), Crawl (SWE), Areat Summit (SWE), Desecrated (SWE)
19 Aug, At Köpi in Berlin (GER), with Ahna (CAN)
20 Aug, At Hafermarkt Sommerfest in Flensburg (GER)
13 Sep, At Kafe 44 in Stockholm (SWE), with Antropocene (US), Crawl (SWE)
5 Oct, At Rauchhaus in Berlin (GER), with Substitute (GER)
6 Oct, At Café Na Pul Cesty in Prague (CZ) with Gewoon Fucking Raggen (NL), Encore (CZ)
8 Oct, At Klub Gromka in Ljubljana (SLO) with xINQUISITIONx (FRA), Life Scam (MKD), Disease (MKD)
9 Oct, At Inde in Koper (SLO)
10 Oct, At Gerberstrasse in Weimar (GER) with Backslider (US), TRIAC (US)
11 Oct, At Stö in Leipzig (GER) with GOZU (US), Holy Grove (US)
12 Oct, At Klaue Bar in Braunschweig (GER) with Life Scam (MKD), Disease (MKD)
22 Oct, At The-Crypt in Linköping (SWE) with Syndrome 81 (FRA), Coupe George (FRA), Nya Given (SWE)
13 Jan, At Palatset in Linköping (SWE) with Kollapsed (SWE), Suffer Yourself (SWE/UKR)
11 Mar, At Hålan in Norrköping (SWE) with Highrider (SWE), Fredagen Den 13:e (SWE)
31 Mar, At Pitchers in Linköping (SWE), The Sign Fest, with Nekrokraft (SWE), SIBERIAN (SWE), Märvel (SWE), NIGHT (SWE), Demon Head (DK), The Dahmers (SWE), TRUE MOON (SWE), Second Sun (SWE), Lizzies (SPA), Nocturnalia (SWE), Gamla Pengar (SWE), Ill Wicker (SWE), Svartanatt (SWE), MaidaVale (SWE), Honeymoon Disease (SWE), Knifven (SWE) and TOMMA INTET (SWE)
20 Jul, At Kajskjul 46 in Gothenburg (SWE) with Massacre 68 (MEX),
Highrider (SWE), Skov (SWE)
21 Jul, At Hålan in Norrköping (SWE) with Massacre 68 (MEX), Black River Swamp (SWE)
22 Jul, At Gula Villan in Stockholm (SWE) with Massacre 68 (MEX), Noll IQ (SWE), Parasitera Pung (SWE)
23 Jul, At Garaget in Uppsala (SWE) with Massacre 68 (MEX) Mörkt Moln (SWE)
13 Apr, At Pitchers in Linköping (SWE) with All Pigs Must Die (US),
Une Misere (ICE), Holy Life (FIN)
3 May, At El Mundano in Mexico City (MEX) with Rhuckuss (MEX), AK47 (MEX)
4 May, At La Veija Escuela in Mexico City (MEX) with AK47 (MEX), Clamor Inexorable (MEX), Cuerno De Chivo (MEX)
5 May, At Internacional Punkytudfest 2 in Papalotta (MEX) with Disorder (UK), Mob 47 (SWE), Defiance (US), Korrosive (US), Destrucktions (FIN) Chem-Trails (US) Resist And Exist (US Hatewolf (MEX) Atoxxico (MEX) and many more
8 May, At Gato Calavera in Mexico City (MEX) with Cacofonia (MEX), Chtulhu (MEX), Automatas (MEX)
10 Nov, At Bomber bar in Motala (SWE) with Slaggprodukt (SWE), Niding (SWE)

9/3 Norrköping,Sweden at Secret Place
21/3 Stockholm, Sweden at Kafé 44*
22/3: Göteborg, Sweden at Fängelset*
23/3: Oslo, Norway at Blitz*
16/5: Riga, Latvia at Adminu 4*
17/5 Kaunas, Lithuania at Lemmy Club*
18/5 Tartu, Estonia at Kroks*
19/5 Tallinn, Estonia at Anemon12*
*with Ognemöt (Est/Swe)
20/6 L’orient Linköping
24/7 L’orient Linköping
26/7 Sveg Summerfest2019
27/7 Ydre Skogsrårocken
5/8 stockholm, BT Bar/Brother Tuck
28/9 Prag, Czech Republic
29/9 Weimar, Germany
1/10 Köln, Germany
3/10 antwerpen, Belgium
4/10 Berlin, Germany
5/10 Malmö, Sweden
28/12 Linköping, Sweden