We are a hardcore band from Linköping/Norrköping, Sweden. In 2016 The sign records released our debut album ‘Raptor’s Breath’ and received really good response. During 2016 we started facing some trouble with the line up so a lot of time went to rehearse stand ins.

2016: we went on a tour through Germany, Czech republic and Slovenia. During this tour we grew as a band and grew into what we are today.

2017: We embarked upon a short tour in Sweden together with Mexican hardcore-legends Massacre 68.

2018: We went to Mexico and played shows with bands like DFHC AK47, ATOXXXICO, DONA MALDAD etc We also did some shows here and there in Sweden, with ALL PIGS MUST DIE and tons of other great bands.

2019: The sign records released our first 7 inch EP “No Escape, No excuse”. Tours in Baltikum, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Czech republic and Belgium were made.

2020: See you where the HM2s roar

Snake Tongue is:

Niklas – Guitar

Fredrik P – Guitar

Fredrik D – Drums

Viktor – Bass

Patrik – Vocals